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Vision Board or Anti-Vision Board – what drives you better?

Vision boards and anti-vision boards help you improve your quality of life, adopt things you want to include, and avoid habits that you reduce your progress. Both of these boards work differently but target the same goal from a broader perspective. As the New Year is about to begin, and we are all motivated to control our aims in 2021, it is the best time to learn about these boards. Today, we will discuss both boards individually and how we can benefit from them effectively:

·      Vision Board

You may have some ideas about what a vision board could be by reading the name. This board keeps you motivated towards your goals and helps you achieve them. When you aim for something or dream about achieving your goals, you may fail because you lack motivation. It is easy to make a list of things that you want to do in a year but following up on those dreams is difficult when you lack the motivation. A vision board reminds you that you have to work on your goals every day when you wake up in the morning.

How to Make a Vision Board

Making a vision board is not a difficult task. You can make a board using cardboard. The best part about making a vision board is that you do not have to show your artistic skills while making the board. You can, but it is not essential, so even with a limited artistic background, you can develop a great vision board.

You have to arrange cardboard and add cut-outs or pictures of your dreams. For pictures, you can use newspapers, magazines, novels, etc. You can even print out pictures from the internet and stick these pictures on the board. After making a vision board, you need to place the board in a location where you can easily visualize the board after waking up in the morning. This board will stay in your mind the whole day and encourage you to achieve those dreams.

·      Anti-Vision Board

The Anti-vision board is the opposite of the vision board. A vision board helps you in remembering your goals. However, an anti-vision board helps you forget the habits and items you no longer want to remember. There are various items in our life that we cannot forget easily, no matter how hard we try. An anti-vision board will help us forget those things.

How to Make an Anti-Vision Board

To make an anti-vision board, you need cardboard. Collect pictures of the things that you no longer want to remember and keep in your life. You should arrange those pictures on the board in any way you like. Now you need to visualize the board daily to know what you no longer want in your life.


As you can see, both of these boards are the opposite of each other. One helps you remember your goals so that you can work on achieving those. Conversely, the other one helps you forget things that you no longer want to remember. You can also make both of these boards to stay motivated in your life.

The Psychology Of Writing Down Goals

Maybe you saw a post on Instagram while scrolling down, or maybe you saw a headline in the newspaper. All in all, we’ve all heard that we should write down our goals if we want them to happen. What if we told you that was actually true?

It sounds hard to believe, doesn’t it? Well, that’s where we step in with facts, psychology, and biology on our side. Curious to learn more? Let’s dive right in!

A Little Basic Understanding 

So, you ask, ‘what’s so amazing about writing down my goals? I passed all my school examinations, yet I remember none of it!’

Well, writing down your goal encompasses two different levels. These are external storage and encoding. What are those? Keep reading to find out! Secondly, it also activates our subconscious and thus increases the chances of success.

But, let’s first explore the encoding and storage part!

External Storage

There’s no rocket science to this; external storage refers to you storing whatever your information (your goal) in a location. This location must be super easy to access and something you can review from time to time. No, consider this: you can’t very well post your brain on your fridge. However, you can very easily clip on a mere piece of paper that you get to see every day. This means it will be imprinted in your brain in no time!

Encoding – Hi Biology!

External storage was pretty simple. You wrote on a paper, stared at it for hours on end, and it started haunting you. Encoding, on the other hand, involves a little more of the sciences.Every time we see something and discern it, it all travels to our brain’s hippocampus to be analyzed. This whole process is known as encoding. What happens after that is that your brain decides what you need to remember in the long-term and what is unnecessary.

Now when you write something down, your brain’s chances of remembering it go a little higher.

Um, Neuropsychology Is Here Too

We’re sure you already guessed psychology would make an appearance here. Well, neuropsychologists put a name to this known as ‘the generation effect.’ This means that people typically have a better memory of something they write than for what they just skim through.

What’s cooler is that when writing down your goal, you and the generation effect meet twice. How? Well, when you think and visualize this, the generation effect steps in. And the second time when you scribble it down. By rethinking all the details and noting them down, you make sure your brain remembers to remember it!

Let’s Talk A Little Facts 

It’s hard to believe something if there isn’t substantial proof behind it. So before we talk about the magical psychology behind this, let’s scratch the surface.

While we would love to talk about the several hundred studies about this, we’re sure students, and their notes aren’t what you want to know. Instead, there was one about those conducting hiring interviews. It turned out those who took notes remembered 23% more than those who didn’t.
Another study proved that the more a person looked at their goals, and we don’t mean your zoned-out stare, the more likely they were to reach it!

Why Does Writing Down Goals Work?

Let’s list it down:

  • Writing down activates our Reticular Activating System, which is our natural personal assistant. The minute we write down a life goal, it communicates back to our brain and sets it up as a priority. Moreover, it buzzes at every opportunity. For instance, if you plan to become a lifestyle coach and write it down as a long-term goal, so every time you see a relevant ad or opportunity, it’s going to remind you about your dream/goal/aspiration
  • It is said writing down your goals initiates the law of attraction. Opportunities and relevant people appear as soon as we write our goals—-quite magical, right!
  • Writing down strengthens your recall power, and it keeps reminding you about your goals so that you take steps to achieve it.

Teaching Children How To Set Goals And Use A Vision Board

Vision Board for Kids. Do you want to motivate your child or encourage them to follow their dreams this New Year? If so, you should incorporate the fun of crafting a vision board from their life. In this article, you will learn why your child needs a vision board and how you can make one with them and keep them motivated in their dreams.

Setting up goals is a fun and essential skill of life. Everybody needs some goals so that they can work for them. You can set goals at any age. So it is never too early to work on your dream. When you teach your child to set goals and follow their dreams, you help your child take responsibility for their dreams from an early age. They will learn and understand that they must struggle and take effective action to achieve their goals.

When your children set their goals, they become self-confident. When they achieve those goals, they start believing in their abilities and efforts. That will also encourage them to set new goals and work hard to achieve those goals in the future.

1.    Help your Child to Set their Goals

You should never dictate your child’s goals by telling them what they want to achieve. When children set their own goals, they take complete responsibility. Hence, they push themselves towards the achievement and work for the outcome. When your child grows older, they understand the importance of setting and accomplishing their own goals.

2.    Start by Setting Small Goals

You should start small so that your child can quickly achieve their goals. You need to make sure your child achieves some success at the start to gain motivation. After gaining some success, their confidence level will increase, and their ability to form new goals and face new challenges gradually increases.

3.    Goals should be Attainable and Realistic

The Vision board helps us achieve realistic goals. Similarly, your child should select achievable goals. For instance, if your kindergartner sets a goal to read a Harry Potter book, it’s unrealistic. They cannot achieve that at their age as they lack that skill. Even if your child gives their best efforts, they cannot achieve that goal, impacting their motivation.

4.    Make Goals Specific

You should not set goals that will confuse your child. When your child is setting goals, you should help them choose specific goals. Rather than setting the goals such as “I will perform well in school,” your child should write, “I will finish my homework every day.”


Crafting a Vision Board with you Kids
Crafting a Vision Board with you Kids

After making a vision board with your child, keep it in plain sight where he can see it. For instance, keep it in a central spot so that your child can look at it for everyday inspiration. You can perform this activity with your child once or twice every year to know how important this exercise is. You can especially assign the days such as a birthday or during the time of New Year. Also, help your child update the board now and then construct a perfect vision board that can motivate them.

What Is a Vision Board?

Vision Board - How To Sample
Vision Board – How To Sample

Some people like to call it a dream board. A vision board is a physical visualization of your aims and goals. This is also a great way for practicing the Law of Attraction. The process of creating a dream or vision board is all about cutting the pictures from magazines and putting them together to make a beautiful collage that will uplift your hopes for the future. This process is a creative and powerful tool for visualization, which helps in narrowing down what you desire with the power of choice. When you are assigning clear goals and intentions, the law of attraction will magnetize and attract you for availing the opportunities that will turn your dreams into reality.

A vision board is all about fulfilling your dreams by contacting through energetic vibrations with what you are expecting in your life. Eventually, it will keep you connected with your desires. But you may wonder how this can be effective for achieving your dreams.

1.    You Can Free Yourself with a Vision Board

We are living overflowing and congested lives. Every day, we wake up, get ready for work, and perform the same tasks daily. Our life is no more flexible to the environment, and sometimes, it feels that we are robots. We are exhausting ourselves with too much work and its repetition, day in day out. With a vision board, you can free yourself effectively and reprogram your brain. You can keep your creative juices flowing in your mind and keep your focus on your goals. Just throw all your random thoughts that you encounter on the vision board. When you find something motivating, simply stick that to your board and you can get back to it again.

2.    Vision Boards Will Help You in Reminding Your Goals and Dreams

The reason why vision boards will work best for you is that you can visualize your goals daily. Visualization is the best and most effective workout for your mind. If you are often looking for inspiration, the broad will inspire you every single day. No matter how many setbacks you face or problems you come across, once you look at your vision board, your motivation level will rise again.

3.    Vision Boards is a Fun Thing to Have

A vision board is a stress-free, risk-free, and fun way to follow your goals. You can unload your rawest and deepest parts of inspiration without analyzing them. It does not require you to beautify, analyze, or organize the board. Just put the pictures together and have fun. The best part is that you can change the board once you have achieved all the goals and make a new one. You can do whatever you feel like without any limits. This board is there to inspire you, so just be yourself.


Now that you know how powerful a vision board is, you should start making one for yourself. The process is very simple to follow. You do not have to be experienced in designing or crafting for making a vision board. Just be yourself and follow your natural instinct.

You can check some Vision Board Examples bellow:


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