Day: October 15, 2020

What Is a Vision Board?

Vision Board - How To Sample
Vision Board – How To Sample

Some people like to call it a dream board. A vision board is a physical visualization of your aims and goals. This is also a great way for practicing the Law of Attraction. The process of creating a dream or vision board is all about cutting the pictures from magazines and putting them together to make a beautiful collage that will uplift your hopes for the future. This process is a creative and powerful tool for visualization, which helps in narrowing down what you desire with the power of choice. When you are assigning clear goals and intentions, the law of attraction will magnetize and attract you for availing the opportunities that will turn your dreams into reality.

A vision board is all about fulfilling your dreams by contacting through energetic vibrations with what you are expecting in your life. Eventually, it will keep you connected with your desires. But you may wonder how this can be effective for achieving your dreams.

1.    You Can Free Yourself with a Vision Board

We are living overflowing and congested lives. Every day, we wake up, get ready for work, and perform the same tasks daily. Our life is no more flexible to the environment, and sometimes, it feels that we are robots. We are exhausting ourselves with too much work and its repetition, day in day out. With a vision board, you can free yourself effectively and reprogram your brain. You can keep your creative juices flowing in your mind and keep your focus on your goals. Just throw all your random thoughts that you encounter on the vision board. When you find something motivating, simply stick that to your board and you can get back to it again.

2.    Vision Boards Will Help You in Reminding Your Goals and Dreams

The reason why vision boards will work best for you is that you can visualize your goals daily. Visualization is the best and most effective workout for your mind. If you are often looking for inspiration, the broad will inspire you every single day. No matter how many setbacks you face or problems you come across, once you look at your vision board, your motivation level will rise again.

3.    Vision Boards is a Fun Thing to Have

A vision board is a stress-free, risk-free, and fun way to follow your goals. You can unload your rawest and deepest parts of inspiration without analyzing them. It does not require you to beautify, analyze, or organize the board. Just put the pictures together and have fun. The best part is that you can change the board once you have achieved all the goals and make a new one. You can do whatever you feel like without any limits. This board is there to inspire you, so just be yourself.


Now that you know how powerful a vision board is, you should start making one for yourself. The process is very simple to follow. You do not have to be experienced in designing or crafting for making a vision board. Just be yourself and follow your natural instinct.

You can check some Vision Board Examples bellow:


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