Day: October 22, 2020

Teaching Children How To Set Goals And Use A Vision Board

Vision Board for Kids. Do you want to motivate your child or encourage them to follow their dreams this New Year? If so, you should incorporate the fun of crafting a vision board from their life. In this article, you will learn why your child needs a vision board and how you can make one with them and keep them motivated in their dreams.

Setting up goals is a fun and essential skill of life. Everybody needs some goals so that they can work for them. You can set goals at any age. So it is never too early to work on your dream. When you teach your child to set goals and follow their dreams, you help your child take responsibility for their dreams from an early age. They will learn and understand that they must struggle and take effective action to achieve their goals.

When your children set their goals, they become self-confident. When they achieve those goals, they start believing in their abilities and efforts. That will also encourage them to set new goals and work hard to achieve those goals in the future.

1.    Help your Child to Set their Goals

You should never dictate your child’s goals by telling them what they want to achieve. When children set their own goals, they take complete responsibility. Hence, they push themselves towards the achievement and work for the outcome. When your child grows older, they understand the importance of setting and accomplishing their own goals.

2.    Start by Setting Small Goals

You should start small so that your child can quickly achieve their goals. You need to make sure your child achieves some success at the start to gain motivation. After gaining some success, their confidence level will increase, and their ability to form new goals and face new challenges gradually increases.

3.    Goals should be Attainable and Realistic

The Vision board helps us achieve realistic goals. Similarly, your child should select achievable goals. For instance, if your kindergartner sets a goal to read a Harry Potter book, it’s unrealistic. They cannot achieve that at their age as they lack that skill. Even if your child gives their best efforts, they cannot achieve that goal, impacting their motivation.

4.    Make Goals Specific

You should not set goals that will confuse your child. When your child is setting goals, you should help them choose specific goals. Rather than setting the goals such as “I will perform well in school,” your child should write, “I will finish my homework every day.”


Crafting a Vision Board with you Kids
Crafting a Vision Board with you Kids

After making a vision board with your child, keep it in plain sight where he can see it. For instance, keep it in a central spot so that your child can look at it for everyday inspiration. You can perform this activity with your child once or twice every year to know how important this exercise is. You can especially assign the days such as a birthday or during the time of New Year. Also, help your child update the board now and then construct a perfect vision board that can motivate them.

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